8 Soft Starter Uses & Benefits

15th March 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

soft starterSoft starters are available in a huge variety of sizes. From a miniature soft starter no larger than your average pack of playing cards to larger soft starters built to take on bigger duties – such as starting a ship’s engine, controlling the electrical flow and starting auxiliary motors such as air conditioners, when required.

There are many benefits to the implementation of soft starters, in this post we seek to highlight the top 8!

– Through use of a soft starter, it is possible to monitor and run diagnostics for motors, as well as protecting against voltage spikes, over-heating or internal faults.

– Smoother acceleration can be achieved as soft starters allow for control over the limiting of currents.

– A soft starter can be used in non-reversing and reversing applications.

– A soft starter in your application can be easily reconfigured.

– Includes slow-speed jogging capability for machine set-up.

– Soft starters provide adjustable control of acceleration ramps.

– Soft starters are available in HP ranges from 3 to 200HP at 230V AC, 3 to 1200 HP at 460V AC, and 5 to 1400 HP at 575V AC.

– Solid state soft starters are inclusive of advanced motor protection features, such as control of under loading and phase imbalances.

If you need to implement the above features of soft starters, drop us a line at Proplas today – we can install and commission soft starters for all applications.

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