What Are AC Drives & Their Benefits?

3rd April 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

ac drivesAC drives are a means of regulating electrical motors. By altering the frequency of the electrical supply, AC drives are used to control the speed of electrical motors. By controlling motors in this way you don’t need to waste energy or money.

In a world with ever increasingly stretched energy supplies, and with motors consuming so much energy, AC drives are being more and more depended on to save energy. Energy savings of up to 75% are not unheard of with AC motor controllers. These energy saving benefits are well known now, but there are other pros to these drives that many aren’t aware of, here’s a couple!

Acceleration – An issue with unregulated AC motors is that they have a habit of mechanical shocks. That’s to say when starting there’s a shock and this can be damaging in the long term, gradually adding wear and tear to the load connected. Take something like bottling lines, for example, they frequently start empty as the initial shock would break the bottles. AC drives accelerate very smoothly from zero speed, resulting in no shock. They also stop in a controlled fashion which has similar benefits.

Mechanical savings – The need for drive components is lessened if you have an adjustable speed AC controller. As you’ll be all too aware, mechanical drive components don’t come cheap, add on maintenance costs and the AC drive is making you another big saving as it frees up more money and energy.

Manage your Torque – With regular AC motor drives there’s problems galore if a machine jams, as the motor will relentlessly attempt to rotate, opening the overload device. You aren’t going to need to concern yourself with worries about machines being damaged by that, your AC drive can be used to control the torque, stopping your motor from exceeding the limit.

With these few benefits outlined you should see how one of these adjustable drives will save you money, energy and stress. If you’re not convinced we’ll be back soon with even more astounding benefits.

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