Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 Servo Drive

18th May 2016 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 Servo Drive

The Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 servo drive provides servo and induction motor control from one platform for large machines with high axis counts and power requirements, saving cabinet space and reducing configuration time and wiring requirements.

Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 Servo Drive

The Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 Servo Drive helps expand the value of integrated motion on EtherNet/IP for larger custom machine builder applications with typical applications being converting, complex packaging, tyre making and press automation

Using Logix as its control engine, and Studio 5000 as its design environment  – OEM’s now have more ability to design the servo system of this needs. The Kinetix 5700 can help reduce commissioning time and improve machine performance. It o offers the simplicity, power and space savings you need to help get machines up and running faster.

The Kinetix 5700 is designed for machines with large axis counts with higher power requirements. It is available in single and dual axis servos with integrated and hardwired Safe Torque-Off .

Integrated Safety 

The Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 servo drive with integrated safety on EtherNet/IP, eliminates the need to separately wire the drive for safety. It reduces overall system wiring, saving time and money in installation and helps remove potential points of failure, thus resulting in less down time and faultfinding. Integrated safety provides the capability to change the safety zoning and configurations, without needing to physically rewire the devices. Other features:

  • Reduces Complexity with a single Network, EtherNet/IP for motion and safety functions
  • Use EtherNet/IP to provide diagnostic data
  • Simplifes zoning and reduces changeover time
  • Network or hardwired safety – Safe Torque O – SIL3 PLe

Features and Benefits 

  • Features dual axis modules
  • Provides a large 1.6 to 60kW power range
  • Controls servo and induction motors
  • Wide range of feedback types supported
  • Includes dual ethernet ports to support linear and device level ring topologies
  • Reduces wiring with single cable technology
  • Tuning-less commissioning for most axes
  • Delivers best-in-class power density that reduces cabinet space requirements
  • Offers innovative snapfit bus system
  • Capacitor modules help reduce energy consumption

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Kinetix 5700 Power Supply Specifications
Model Input Voltage Output Current Peak Output Current Module Width
2198-P031 325-528VAC 10A 31A 55mm
2198-P070 325-528VAC 25A 70A 55mm
2198-P141 325-528VAC 47A 141A 85mm
2198-P208 325-528VAC 69A 207A 85mm
Kinetix 5700 Servo Drive Specifications
Model Output Current (RMS) Peak Output Current Power Rating Module Width
2198-D006-ERS3 2×2.5A 2x6A 2x 1.6 kW 55mm
2198-D012-ERS3 2x5A 2x12A 2x 3.2kW 55mm
2198-D020-ERS3 2x8A 2x20A 2x 5.4 kW 55mm
2198-D032-ERS3 2x13A 2x32A 2x 8 kW 55mm
2198-D057-ERS3 2x23A 2x57A 2x 15 kW 85mm
2198-S086-ERS3 43A 86A 30 kW 85mm
2198-S130-ERS3 65A 130A 45 kW 85mm
2198-S160-ERS3 85A 160A 60 kW 100mm

The Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 servo drive full documentation can accessed via the link below

Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 Documentation

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