Allen Bradley Micro 800 bridges gap between programmable relays and small plc system

9th October 2013 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

Machine builders and project engineers who need a cost-effective control solution for their small applications will benefit from the new family of Allen Bradley Micro 800 component-class micro programmable controllers available from Proplas.

Ideal for standalone machines and smaller control tasks the Micro 800 family bridges the gap between programmable relays and small programmable controllers, with the user being able to add further functionality by the addition of a range of plug in modules for specific application needs.

  • Micro 810 (12 point I/O)
  • Micro 830 (up to 48 point I/O).
  • Micro 850 (up to 132 point I/O).

The Micro 800 control systems are easy to install and maintain and are programmed using the Connected Components Workbench™ programming and configuration software, which is available free of charge.

Programmable Controllers

Micro 810

The Micro 810 programmable controllers function as a smart relay with high current relay outputs, in addition to the programming capabilities of a micro PLC

Features include:

8A outputs eliminates the need for external relays

DC models allow 4 inputs to function as four 0-10V analog inputs

Program download via USB programming port (adapter required)

Optional 1.5” local LCD for monitoring/modifying application data. It also functions as a backup memory module.

Configure and run core smart relay function blocks without a PC (LCD required)

Built-in Real Time Clock for applications such as Lighting Control and Alarming


Micro 830

The Micro 830 controller is designed with flexibility to address a wide range of standalone machine control applications with support for up to 5 plug-in modules

Features include

Up to a maximum of 88 digital I/O (with 48-pt model)

Up to a maximum of 20 analog inputs (with 48-pt model)

Includes built-in support for up to 3 axes of motion on 24V DC output models

Up to three 100KHz Pulse Train Outputs (PTO) for low cost wiring to steppers and servo drives

Up to six 100KHz High-Speed Counter inputs (HSC)

Single axis moves supported via Motion Function Blocks

Basic motion instructions include Home, Stop, MoveRelative, MoveAbsolute, MoveVelocity

TouchProbe instruction for registering exact position of an axis based upon an asynchronous event

Embedded Communications

USB port for program download

Non-isolated serial port (RS232/485) for communications 
to HMI, bar code readers,modems .


Micro 850

The Micro 850 controller is designed for larger standalone machine applications that require more I/O or higher performance analog I/O than supported by Micro830.

Features include

Embedded Ethernet port for higher performance connectivity compared to HMI

EtherNet/IPTM (server mode only) for Connected Components Workbench programming, RTU applications and HMI connectivity. (Client capability to initiate a message will be supported in a future release)

Support up to four Micro 850 Expansion I/O modules

Up to a maximum of 132 I/O points (with 48-pt model)


 MICRO 800

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