Allen Bradley PowerMonitor 500 – Control your Energy

24th May 2016 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

Allen Bradley PowerMonitor 500

The Allen Bradley PowerMonitor puts you in control of your energy spend.

Allen Bradley PowerMonitor 500


The Allen-Bradley PowerMonitor 500 lets you see your energy consumption on the plant floor. Featuring a built in display, the PowerMonitor 500 allows you to view energy data directly at the monitoring site without the need for additional human- machine interface (HMI) components. The local display provides instant and accurate sub-metering data to help keep you well-informed of how much power you use, what your major loads are and when you use power the most.

The Allen Bradley PowerMonitor 500 features a compact, space-saving design which mounts directly on the panel door. Installation is simplified with on-device configuration. Offering digital or analogue outputs and Serial Modbus or EtherNet/IPTM communications, the PowerMonitor 500 is
simple to integrated into your existing energy monitoring systems. RSEnergyMetrix software can further enhance your view into your energy spend. As part of an integrated network, the PowerMonitor 500 can easily communicate with your existing Allen-Bradley PLCs (PLC-5, SLC, ControlLogix Compact/Control family), allowing energy data to be used in control systems.

The Allen Bradley PowerMonitor 500 is a cost-effective sub-metering option, providing critical data that can help you make process decisions, reduce energy usage and hence increase your company’s profits.


  • Offers compact size and panel mounted
  • Includes built-in LCD display allows you to record data centrally and display it locally
  • Measures voltage, current, power, energy, demand, and power factor
  • Includes multiple communication protocols, including Modbus RTU and EtherNet/IP™
  • Offers 2 digital relay outputs (optional)
  • Offers 2 analog (4-20mA) outputs (optional) for variable speed process control
  • Includes 4 configurable alarms

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