Allen Bradley SMC-50 Soft Starter

30th October 2014 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

Allen Bradley SMC-50 offers Energy Savings for Motor Control

The Allen Bradley SMC-50 uses new soft start technology to provide torque and speed control for starting centrifugal pumps and high-inertia loads. Using sensor-less speed sensing and motor control algorithms, the SMC-50 can deliver even smoother pump starts and stops than was possible with previous pump-control methods.

The  Allen-Bradley family soft starters (SMC-3, SMC-Flex) control voltage and current during starting and stopping. The starting control consists of functions such as soft start, current limit, pump control, slow speed, and full-voltage starting. For stopping, the SMC is able to perform pump stop, smart motor braking, and soft stop. Special slow speed operation is possible in one of two selected modes. All of these functions can be performed with an integrated bypass contactor as standard, using an SMC-3 or SMC Flex. The advantage of the integrated bypass is a smaller product footprint and reduced heat dissipation of the controller once the motor is up to speed, because the internal electromechanical bypass carries the load.

While the SMC Flex and SMC-3 are suitable for most applications, the need for true torque and speed control starting of centrifugal pumps and high-inertia loads led to the development of new soft start technology. The new functionality of linear acceleration/deceleration and torque control can be found in the new Allen Bradley SMC-50 solid-state motor controller. All of the key features of the SMC Flex and the SMC-3, along with the legacy products of SMC Dialog and SMC Plus are now incorporated into the SMC-50 control module core. The new control module core is aligned with a completely solid-state power structure (no integral bypass), offering customer scalability and reliability. This means that one Soft Starter can now perform most of the starting functions for a given motor, whether linear acceleration is needed, or just a soft start. This gives the customer the ability to start and control a wide range of load types all with one controller.

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Allen Bradley SMC-50


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