Allen Bradley Soft Starters For AC Motor Starting

17th May 2016 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

Allen Bradley Soft Starters For AC Motor Starting

Are You Be Interested In Saving Money and Increasing Efficiency? Well Using Allen Bradley Soft Starters for AC Motor starting Will Do Exactly That.

Allen Bradley soft starters are designed to drive standard 3 phase AC induction motors.  Most electric motors used today are fixed speed, fixed voltage AC induction motors, which consume approximately two thirds of the total electricity used in industry today. Using soft starters will reduce the energy consumption of your motors giving you savings as a result of using less energy. With numerous sizes available from 5A to 480A at 400VAC we are certain that we at Proplas can provide you with the best Soft Start solution for your requirements

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As a General Guideline for Soft Start applications are:-

  • Lower starting torque applications
  • Lightly or moderately loaded applications
  • Full speed operation
  • Reduction of mechanical wear and damage to system
  • Limiting current is prime reason for starting method
  • Avoid pressure surges or “hammering” in hydraulic systems

How does a soft starter work? 

Solid state soft starters use Thyristors to reduce the motor terminal voltage on start up dependant upon the ramp time selected. This provides control of the motor current to reduce inrush and limit the starting torque. Dependant  upon the model of Soft Starter chosen, the control is based on controlling the motor terminal voltage on two or three phases. By limiting the voltage to the motor, a reduced torque is provided to start the load more gradually.

Allen Bradley Soft Starters For AC Motor Starting

SMC-3 Soft Starter

The SMC-3 Smart Controller is a compact, simple to use, solid-state motor controller designed to operate 3-phase motors. It has a built-in overload relay and a built-in SCR bypass contactor on all three phases, allowing a smaller footprint than other soft starters on the market. Modes of operation for the controller include soft start, soft stop, current limit start, and kick start.


Allen Bradley Soft Starters For AC Motor Starting

SMC-Flex Soft Starter

The SMC-Flex Controller provides microprocessor-controlled starting for standard 3-phase squirrel-cage induction or Wye-Delta (6-lead) motors. We offer seven standard modes of operation within a single controller.




Allen Bradley Soft Starters For AC Motor Starting

SMC-50 Soft Starter

The SMC-50 Soft Starters are available in three frame sizes and range from 180…520 A. This micro-processor based, fully solid-state soft motor starter helps maximize efficiency for motor starts and stops.

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