Allen Bradley Soft Starter Suited For Any Application

11th March 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell
allen bradley soft starter

Allen Bradley Soft Starter

Our line of  Soft Starters are purpose built to minimise costs through the reduction of overall power requirements of your systems, as well as reducing the amount of wear and tear on your equipment. The Allen Bradley Soft Starter are very easily implemented in your motor control system solutions, leading to diminished down times and a great rate of productivity. At Proplas, we offer a diverse line of soft-starters to meet the requirements of your applications.

Allen Bradley Soft Starters are solid state devices able to minimise the current surges induced by larger loads. The implementation a soft starter in your application can reduce damage to mechanical belts, gears and chains. The prevention of jarring in your products when conveying materials can be avoided through employing a soft starter.

The Allen Bradley Soft Starter are, in addition to the above, capable of protecting the motor from overloading through fully programmable electronic methods. The programmable aspect of soft starters means they bridge the gap between inverters and full voltage starting, whilst ensuring the flexibility remains in the former.

Motor controllers are soft starters that bring the motor to speed in a controlled manner. Through use of the windings of transformers, a limited voltage supply is provided to the motor for starting, which can then run at a normal full-speed operation through a run contactor.

Allen Bradley Soft Starters

The Allen-Bradley SMC Smart Motor Controller product line offers a broad range of products for stopping and starting 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motors and wye-delta motors.

The SMC-3 Smart Controller is compact and easy to use. The solid-state motor controller is specifically designed to operate 3-phase motors with its built-in overload relay and SCR bypass contactor on all 3 phases, allowing a much smaller footprint than other soft starters. Modes of operation for the controller include soft start, soft stop, current limit start, and kick start.

For further information on the Allen Bradley Soft Starter, please contact Proplas on 01282 872450

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