Essential maintenance for AC Drives

25th June 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

All manufacturers of AC drives recommend regular preventative maintenance throughout the lifetime of the variable speed drives.  This not only ensures that the drives are functioning at maximum capacity; it also reduces unplanned repair costs, making maintenance both a time and finance effective option for you and your plant.


Performance preventative maintenance increases the reliability of AC drives, and ensures that their working lifetime is extended so you get the best performance possible.  This maintenance consists of an annual drive inspection as well as undertaking important component replacements.  The timescales for when these should take place will be set out in the maintenance schedules for each specific variable speed drive, as the timings will vary slightly according to the manufacturer.


Maintenance for variable speed drives needs to take environmental and operational conditions into account.  We would suggest that a detailed service report be produced in conjunction with the maintenance check detailing any recommendations for further actions, as this ensures that your AC drive has had a thorough check up.


Find out how variable speed drives can work for your business


If you are keen to find out how variable speed drives can increase efficiency savings within your business, then feel free to speak to one of our trained engineers who will be able to assist with your query.  They are a great way to reduce costs, save energy and cause much less aggressive mechanical stress onto the existing plant.  If you would like any further information about selecting or installing AC motor drives for your business then ring 01282 872 450 today!

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