Forward thinking with SCADA Programming

27th June 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

SCADA programming, which stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is a modern marvel which delivers data direct to your fingertips.  Because of the way SCADA compiles information, it not only has the ability to create monetary savings galore, it means that employees are no longer required to travel the distance around the plant to keep a check on things.


SCADA programming takes care of monitoring and controlling sites for you, so more time can be spent on other aspects, rather than wasted travelling round the plant.  The way that SCADA programming works by localising data ensuring that issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Any problems are instantly flagged up via the HMI (human machine interface), and preventative action can be taken to deter against any further damage occurring.


SCADA also presents businesses with a system which has much less of an environmental impact than traditional monitoring systems.  As SCADA handily collates all data into one location, you no longer need to physically travel round the plant to check on each section of equipment individually, saving fuel and time too.  With wireless technology a must have for any modern business, information can be relayed lightning speed through the touch of a button.


SCADA has been influential in a number of developments, from monitoring wastewater plants to controlling lights in parks, and all uses have seen a dramatic reduction in energy usage.  The sheer amount of data which can be passed instantly and wirelessly through SCADA programming is staggering, and setting SCADA up as the technology of tomorrow, available today.



From SCADA programming to Variable Speed Drives; Energy Savings Aplenty!


There are a range of energy savings which Proplas can generate for your business today.  Energy savings are the name of the game where SCADA is concerned, but the savings to your business don’t stop there.  Variable speed drives are great devices which provide energy reducing properties.  To speak to one of our engineers about the energy savings you could generate in your business, contact us today.

SCADA Programming
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