Guardmaster 440G-LZ Guard-locking Interlock Switch

28th January 2015 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

440G-LZ Guard-locking Interlock Switch

The Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440G-LZ is a solenoid interlock switch with a rated holding force of 1,300N, that can be used on partial body access guards. The IP69K rating and stainless steel parts enable this switch to be used in wash down applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.

When the 440G-LZ Guard-locking Interlock Switch locking bolt is extended into and detected by the actuator, two OSSD solid state outputs are enabled preventing the opening of the guard. The locking bolt will only attempt to extend when the correct actuator is detected.

The semiconductor OSSD safety outputs of the switch can be connected in series with other safety components that have OSSD solid-state outputs. Two bright LEDs positioned on the front corners of the housing enable 270° visual diagnostics. The switch also has an auxiliary output as well as a manual release.

Advanced algorithms and a bi-stable solenoid result in low energy use. Peak power only occurs when changing from unlocked to locked (or vice versa). The bi-stable drive uses minimal power and will not produce heat when either locked or unlocked. The functionality is configured to replicate a traditional power-to-release or power-to-lock device

The RFID actuators can be selected as either standard or uniquely coded. The user can select the level of actuator coding according to the foreseeable risk of tampering in accordance with the requirements of EN/ISO 14119:2013.

The Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440G-LZ Guard-locking Interlock Switch

has a QR code on the body of the product links directly to the on-line user manual.

Features :

  • Certified to PLe to EN/ISO 13849-1 (both for door position and lock monitoring to EN/ISO 14119)
  • Solid-state design and monitored outputs
  • Scalable protection with unique or standard coded RFID actuators
  • High holding force of 1,300 N (Fzh)
  • Energy efficient green device that only uses 2.5 W
  • Hygienic design and IP69K protection
  • Power-to-release and power-to-lock versions
  • Compact design optimized for ease of mounting
  • Supports both hinged and sliding guard doors with four directions of approach
  • Diagnostic information provided by two highly visible 270° wrap-around LEDs
  • Solid-state OSSD outputs series connectable to EN/ISO 14119:2013
  • A QR code on the body of the product links directly to the on-line user manual.

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440g lz guard locking interlock switch



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