How PLC Programming Could Work for You

18th June 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

PLC means Programmable Logic Control and works similarly to a PC which automates many simultaneous processes.  They are vital for businesses which need to be able to control a number of concurrent inputs and outputs.  Any control system goes through four key phases from the initial set up to functioning plant status.  The Programmable Logic Control system has a variety of advantages for each stage involved in the process.


Phase 1 – Design

Every PLC is carefully tailored to suit the requirements of the individual plant in question.  Further to the input and output degree required, the dimensions of the PLC device are carefully considered at the design phase.   When implementing a conservative system, the design must be complete before production can begin.  With a PLC Programming system however, all that is required prior to production, is to decide on the size of the engine and the Input/Output  (I/O) requirements.


Phase 2 – Installation

As a PLC programming system utilises a number of pre-built components, this makes for much simpler installation, thus bringing vast benefits in terms of costing and timescales.  The majority of the Programmable Logic Control programme is written during this phase.


Phase 3 – Commissioning

Additional I/O cards can be added to accommodate business growth and with the PLC system being so flexible itself, the vast majority of changes can be undertaken quickly, relatively seamlessly and at a reasonable price.


Phase 4 – Maintenance

This relates to once the plant is functioning and is taken over by the manufacturing team.  It is only natural that plants experience some errors, resulting in unwanted time being spent in breakdown mode.  The PLC programming unit incorporates tools which aid fault analysis from within the unit itself.  The Programmable Logic Control system can be easily modified, and the system automatically documents any alterations which have been made.


At Proplas International we offer a range of installation services, including AC drives and soft starters, as well as PLC programming systems.  If you would like to see how a PLC programming system can work for your company, then contact Proplas International online or by calling 01282 872450 to discuss your requirements further.

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