Introducing the Allen Bradley Micro810 Controller

20th October 2014 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

The Allen Bradley Micro810 Controller are smart relays with high current relay output models and can be configured through the embedded LCD display without programming software. It can also function as a micro PLC with the same programming capabilities as the other Micro800 controllers.

The Micro810 controllers do not support Micro800 plug-in modules, but do support a USB adapter, and an LCD module, which can be used as a backup memory module.

The salient points of the Allen Bradley Micro810 Micro810

  • The Micro810 controller functions as a smart relay with high current relay outputs, in addition with the programming capabilities of a micro PLC.
  • 8A outputs eliminates the need for external relays
  • DC models allow 4 inputs to function as four 0-10V analog inputs
  • Program download via USB programming port (adapter required)
  • Optional 1.5 in. local LCD for monitoring/modifying application data. It also functions as a backup memory module.
  • Configure and run core smart relay function blocks without a PC (LCD required)
  • Built-in Real Time Clock for applications such as Lighting Control and Alarming
  • As part of the Micro800 family, the Micro810 controller shares the same instruction set including advanced features such as PID and floating point data types which are not commonly found in a smart relay.


Follow this link for a quick overview and specification data for the Allen Bradley Micro810 Controller

Follow this link for the Micro 810 User Manual


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