Introduction to Control Logix

11th July 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

The Control Logix system uses a common control engine set in a common development environment in order to provide increased performance in a user friendly interface.  Strict compatibility between the programming software, controller and I/O modules lessen development time and commissioning cost during the standard operation.  Being chassis-based, the Control Logix system provides the option to organize a control system using sequential, process, motion and drive control on top of the standard I/O capabilities.


There are varying system configurations available Control Logix including:


Standalone Controller and I/O

This is the simplest configuration of the speed controller which combines a standalone controller with the I/O capability in one chassis.


Multiple Controllers in One Chassis

In certain instances, multiple controllers can be fitted in one Controllogix system.  Using multiple controllers can create better performance options within a range of motion applications.


Multiple Devices Connected via Multiple Networks

For certain applications a variety of different devices can be connected to the Controllogix system using multiple communication networks.  The types of component connected to the speed controller for these applications include such things as distributed I/O, a PowerFlex drive or even Flowmeters.



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