Benefits of Variable Speed Drives

11th March 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

Benefits of Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives are becoming more popular due to the fact that they are able to vary motors’ output speeds without the need for pulleys, extraneous components or a great deal of maintenance. There are many benefits to VFDs. The most significant being the significant energy savings achieved by matching system capacity to the actual load for the duration of the year.

Variable Speed Drives can reduce wear and tear significantly. Through drawing a much higher current upon the starting of the induction motor, the inrush of current may be between 3 and 10 times the full load operated current. This generates both heat and stress, contributing to early failures in motors.

Conversely, implemented a VFD connected to the motor gradually increases at a controlled rate, allowing your motor to live for longer. The variable speed drive achieves this through applying a low frequency and low voltage to the motor.


More benefits of a VFD

VFDs allow for much more precise control of motor functions e.g. high-rise offices and apartments employ a booster pump system on the water supply in order to ensure an appropriate supply of water pressure is in use at all levels within the building. Normally, these pump controls maintain the pressure only within a fixed range, but VFDs give the application an element of more precise control as they allow pressure to be maintained over an expansive range of flow rates, reducing energy use and the wearing of pumps.

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