Benefits of the New PowerFlex 525 AC Drives

23rd April 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

The new PowerFlex 525 AC Drive is a versatile and innovative design which is capable of supporting various systems such as standalone machines or simple system integrations. Supporting a wide range of applications the PowerFlex 525 AC drive can offer great energy savings, as well as a variety of motor control options and standard safety features. These AC Drives can help you get the most out of your system performance and simplify equipment design.

The PowerFlex 525 AC Drive offers a time saving and innovative modular design, being made up of two modules that can be used simultaneously when detached allowing independent wiring and software configuration. This means that configuration and start-up time can be greatly reduced through completing configuration and installation at the same time. As well as all this, the driver offers MainsFree™ configuration, though simply using a USB cable to connect the PowerFlex 525 AC Drives to your PC. This also gives you the ability to quickly upload and download new settings to the drive.

The PowerFlex 525 AC Drive offers several features that will help you easily manage data throughout your operations. It contains an embedded EtherNet/IP™ which allows you to easily collect and configure drive data over the network and also supports integration to the Logix™ environment. Furthering simplicity of use, the dynamic LCD human interface model (HIM) can support multiple languages as well as containing QuickView™ scrolling text.

Reliability on PowerFlex 525 AC Drives is increased through a high temperature tolerance, operating at 50°C without current derating and up to 70°C with current derating whilst using a control module fan kit.

The use of Economizer mode can add to the energy savings already offered by using a variable frequency drive through measuring power consumptions and optimizing output to meet the applications demands. The driver also offers Safe Torque-Off as a standard safety feature which removes rotational power to the motor without removing power from the drive. This allows for a faster restart after the use of the safety system.

For information on the implementation of PowerFlex 525 AC Drives feel free to contact us today.

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