Allen Bradley PowerFlex 753 AC Drive

21st October 2014 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 753 AC Drive

Designed for general purpose applications, the PowerFlex 753 AC Drive offers multiple options and features along with the added benefit of simple integration. The PowerFlex 753 comes standard with built-in I/O making it a cost effective solution ideal for OEMs and system integrators looking to reduce engineering costs, deliver machines to market faster and meet end-user demand for more productive and safer machines. Available in power ranges from 0.75 to 250 kW at 415 VAC and 650 VDC input, the PowerFlex 753 AC drive supports multiple languages and is suitable for fan, pump and conveyor applications. The drive’s design incorporates a 3-option slots that allows users to tailor the drive with a combination of options – I/O, feedback, safety, communications and auxiliary control power – as their application requires. This, combined with the unit’s built-in I/O, is designed to provide users with increased operational flexibility. The embedded Allen-Bradley DeviceLogix control technology in the drive optimises its performance and productivity and simplifies programming. Users can incorporate PLC-style functionality within the drive, allowing stand-alone control if required. In addition, the drive’s predictive diagnostics capability minimises downtime by monitoring drive status – such as cooling fans, I/O relay cycles, motor run-time hours and fault warnings – and allowing preventative action to be taken. Two enhanced safety options are available in the PowerFlex 753: safe torque-off (STO) or safe-speed monitoring (SMO). STO prevents drive restarts after the safety circuit is tripped. SMO combines this STO functionality with Safe-Speed Control (SSC) technology in one hardware option. SSC reduces and monitors the speed of an application to allow an operator to safely inspect and perform some process maintenance work without stopping the machine completely.

For additional resources on the PowerFlex 753 AC Drives please see PDF links below

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PowerFlex 753 AC Drive


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