Product Type

Programmable Controllers


Allen Bradley


1746-BTM – Barrel Temperature Control Module

The barrel temperature control module is an intelligent I/O module that can accommodate 4 heat/cool PID loops for temperature control applications. The module has 4 analog inputs, each of which functions as the controlled variable (C) input for a PID loop. The PID algorithm is performed on the module for each of the loops. The manipulated variable (M) output of each loop is sent from the module to the SLC processor’s data table as both a numeric value and as a time-proportioned output (TPO) signal. Your ladder logic can send either the M numeric value to an analog output module, or the TPO signal to a digital output module to close the loop. For very fast cut-off, your ladder logic can use the TPO signal transferred to the input image. The module provides auto-tuning of PID loops (optimized for tuning barrel temperature control loops), self-calibration (external reference required) self-diagnostics, and detection of input open-circuit (including thermocouple break).

Motor Rating Part Ref
kW HP Amps Voltage