Product Type

Programmable Controllers


Allen Bradley


1746-HSTP1 – Stepper Control Module

This module provides a low-cost solution for a single-axis, open-loop application. The module can provide an absolute position of over ±8,000,000 increments, and pulse-train velocities of up to 250 kHz. The module is compatible with translators with differential inputs, single-ended TTL and opto-coupler interfaces. The module is configurable for pulse train and direction bit or clockwise/counter-clockwise pulse-train outputs. The module operates in three modes: Configuration, Command, and Diagnostic. Digital encoder and auxiliary (home limit switch; home proximity; CW travel limit; CCW travel limit; pulse-train enable; emergency stop) inputs. It is compatible with SLC 500, 5/01, 5/02, 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 processors.

Motor Rating Part Ref
kW HP Amps Voltage