Product Type

Programmable Controllers


Allen Bradley


1746-QS – Synchronised Axis Control Module

The 1746-QS module provides closed-loop synchronized positioning control of 4 hydraulic rams and lets you change motion parameters while the axis is moving. For each axis, the module accepts an input from a linear displacement transducer and provides a ±10V output to interface with proportional or servo valve amplifiers. The module is designed for use with the Hydraulic Configurator, a software product that you can obtain from the Allen-Bradley web site on the Internet. The Hydraulic Configurator is an interactive executable that lets you configure the module and tune its axes. The Hydraulic Configurator saves considerable time when troubleshooting or tuning axes. Applications include: plywood presses, roll positioning, palletizers and stackers, forges, and hydraulic tailgate loaders.

Motor Rating Part Ref
kW HP Amps Voltage