Product Type

Programmable Controllers


Allen Bradley


1746-QV – Synchronised Axis Control Module

The 1746-QV module is part of an SLC-based open-loop control system for controlling the speed and placement of a hydraulic ram. The module accepts motion profiles that you program into the SLC processor and monitors an input from a linear displacement transducer. The SLC processor sends to the module a pair of extend and retract profiles that define when to accelerate or decelerate hydraulic motion. This ability to program these changes of speed reduces cycle time and reduces or eliminates pressure spikes and water-hammering for smoother operation and less wear and tear on the machine. This also saves energy and enables faster new-part change-over. The module fits simple hydraulic applications including simple hydraulic presses, die-casting machines, and weld-head placement. The module provides OEMs and system integrators with a less complex way to match hydraulic cylinder pressure or speed with application requirements.

Motor Rating Part Ref
kW HP Amps Voltage