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Programmable Controllers


Allen Bradley


SLC 5/03 Processor

SLC 5/03 processors let you configure modular controllers of up to 4096 inputs plus 4096 outputs and a memory of 8K, 16K, or 32K words. In addition to the features of the SLC 5/02, they have a second built-in communication port—an RS-232-C port that can be configured for ASCII or DF1 protocol, and can be configured for connection to a 1761-NET-AIC converter to provide access to a DH-485 network. SLC 5/03 processors provide bit-instruction execution times of 0.44 ms and an overall system throughput of up to 10 times faster than competitive processors. Additional capabilities include: floating-point math, online programming and run-time editing, flash memory upgrades, built-in key-switch, and a built-in real-time clock and calendar.

SLC-500 Selection Guide

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