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Programmable Controllers


Allen Bradley


SLC 5/04 Processor

SLC 5/04 and 5/05 processors let you configure modular controllers of up to 4096 inputs plus 4096 outputs and a memory of either 16K, 32K, or 64K words. They have all the features of the SLC 5/03 processors, plus a faster communication port and shorter execution times (bit-instruction execution times of 0.37ms). Instead of a DH-485 port, the SLC 5/04 has a built-in DH+ port for communication with other SLC 5/04 and PLC processors, operator interfaces, and programming terminals. Communication via the DH+ network is three times faster than DH-485 communication. SLC 5/05 processors provide a 10/100BASE-T, 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet port.

SLC-500 Selection Guide

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