Allen Bradley SMC-3 Soft Starters

16th October 2013 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

Allen Bradley SMC-3 Soft Starters

smc 3 soft startersAllen Bradley SMC-3 Soft starters are a simple and economic method of controlling AC motors for fixed-speed applications. Traditional methods of starting motors such as Direct On Line Starters (DOL) or star-delta, result in increased machine wear through rapid acceleration and very high peak currents. Soft starters solve this problem by controlling the acceleration and deceleration phases of operation.

SMC-3 soft starters from Allen Bradley are a cost effective member of the range of Allen Bradley Soft Starters designed to meet all your motor control needs which is available from Proplas. Rockwell Automation also offer the SMC-Flex and SMC-50 which have more advanced features.

Soft Starters

SMC-3 Soft Starters are compact, simple to use, solid-state motor controllers designed to operate 3-phase motors. It features a built-in overload relay and a built-in SCR bypass contactor on all three phases, allowing for a smaller footprint than other soft starters on the market today. This SMC-3 Soft Starter is designed for many applications, including compressors, chillers, pumps, conveyors, and crushers. Modes of operation for the controller are as follows:

  • Soft Start
  • Soft Stop
  • Current Limit Start
  • Kick Start

In Summary SMC-3 Soft Starters offer cost effective three phase motor control, with a simple user interface and basic line/motor diagnostics.

Please see table below for a comparison of all the features of the current Allen Bradley Smart Motor Controller range, which includes the SMC-3 soft starters, SMC Flex and the SMC-50


SMC Flex


Motor Overload

Temperature Protection

Current Protection

Voltage Protection

Power Protection

Frequency Protection

Preventative Maintenance

Real Time Clock

Snapshot Data Capture

Start Performance Tracking

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