AC Drives

Motor Drives

Variable speed drives for the control of AC motors have become common for many industries, due to their lower cost, energy saving qualities and less aggressive mechanical stresses. However not all VFDs are the same and careful selection needs to take place to ensure that the AC drive is not under or over specified. Proplas International has many years experience in the selection and specification of the correct variable speed drive for the specific application, and that is why we have chosen to work closely with Allen Bradley in order to supply the complete PowerFlex Range of inverter drives.  Also stocking the Vacon range of VFDs, we ensure that the variable speed drives we install are the best in the business.

We supply and install AC drives for a wide variety of commercial and domestic users and are able to commission inverter drives suited to industrial requirements. Working with all motor drives and variable speed drives, we can create control system solutions tailored to any application. If you need advice on the correct inverter drive or are having difficulty finding the right VFDs, our highly skilled engineers are able to guide you through the entire selection, installation and maintenance processes.

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