The Benefits of Having a Motor Soft Starter Installed by Proplas International

14th June 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

Statistics show that for around 90% of the motors used in industry their only form of control is a simple electromechanical switch.  This bumps up the maintenance and replacement costs quite considerably, and at Proplas International we are committed to making your business as efficient as possible.  This is where a motor soft starter comes in, as they not only reduce the maintenance required as the motors are not running constantly, there is also a saving in energy which comes with being able to switch the machine off without concerns over the effect of the drastic voltage increase during restarting.


A soft starter controls the starting torque of an AC motor drive electronically, and as such is able to adapt the characteristics to match the application requirements.  This could be based on acceleration and deceleration times, overload current and motor torque.


Electrical Advantages

By avoiding the dips in the mains voltages which occur due to current peaks linked with direct connection to the power supply used in “across the line starting”, the motor is subjected to less drastic changes in voltages which can reduce the life of the motor.  A motor soft starter is able to avoid the considerable stress on the motor windings, which is also linked to a reduction in the life of the motor, something which is especially useful in larger horsepower motors.


Mechanical Advantages

The sudden impact of uncontrolled startup followed by the rapid acceleration to reach full speed creates many problems amongst a wide range of equipment types.  The sudden torque stresses linked to this will cause excessive wear on belts, pulleys, gears, chains and bearings.  This stress reduces the efficiency and useful life of these components, which ultimately results in them having to be replaced more frequently.



Installing a Soft Starter is a Great Addition to Your Motor

The cost saving to your company in terms of both reduced maintenance costs, as well as energy savings ensures that there is a quick payback time from your investment on a motor soft starter unit.  If you would like to talk to us about how the installation of either a soft starter or AC motor drive can benefit your company, then contact Proplas today on 01282 872 450, or email us on


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