Using Allen Bradley Soft Starters in a Networked Environment

23rd December 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

SMC-3 Allen Bradley soft starters are compact, easy-to-use, solid-state motor controllers engineered to operate 3-phase motors. A great addition to the line of Allen Bradley soft starters, the SMC-3 offers numerous operating modes including soft stop, soft start, current limit start and kickstart.

SMC-3 soft starters are able to interface with controllers on DeviceNet networks through the use of DeviceNet Starter Auxiliary. As DeviceLogix technology embedded within the DeviceNet Starter Auxiliary module, this increases the soft starter’s functionality with computational power – this allows it to carry out basic control functions such as boolean logic execution, alarming signal conditioning and event detection.

Flexibility and Motor Control

Motors are purpose built to cope with the demands of modern day industrial environments – they are expected to be dependable, flexible and bear the brunt of the workload. With numerous applications in the modern day workplace, it is vital that the operation and protection of all motors used within motor control processes are optimised.

With a range of motor control options, Allen Bradley offer modular and flexible motor management programs. Their huge range encompasses switching, control, protection and soft start devices – this latter category has been further improved with the addition of their SMC-3 soft starter.

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