Vacon 10 Compact AC Drive

5th November 2014 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

VACON 10 Compact AC Drive

The Vacon 10 Compact AC Drive is available in the following power ranges (single phase 0.25-2.2kW and three-phase 0.37-5.5kW). This AC Drive is easy to set up and can be up and running using the start up wizard by programming as few as three parameters. The copycat feature allows drive parameters to be copied from one drive to another using the MTU unit, without the need to connect mains power to the drive.

The Drive as 6 Digital Inputs, 1 Digital Output, 1 Analog Input, 1 Analog Output, 2 Relay Outputs and a built in PI controller, making the Vacon 10 a powerful yet simple AC Drive.

Typical Applications

  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Conveyors

Key Benefits

  • Quick Installation
  • Compact Size
  • Copycat programming without the need for mains power
vacon 10
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