Benefits of the New Vacon 100 Flow AC Drives

22nd August 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

The all new VACON® 100 FlOW AC Drives have been specifically designed to ensure airflow and water-flow in pump and fan solutions is controlled quietly, efficiently and without interruptions. The 100 FlOW Vacon Drives continue the great line of high quality Vacon products that have built them an excellent, inimitable reputation in the industry.

As in many industrial processes worldwide, AC drives optimise such systems as pumps and fans to ensure that as little energy is used as possible for these processes. When pumping water, or cooling fluids, these processes often need pressure to remain constant, despite varying demand. The New Vacon 100 FlOW AC Drives feature plenty of innovative features to help you achieve this.

Intelligent Process Control with Vacon AC Drives

ACON® 100 FlOW AC drives are purpose built to improve the control of flow in water and automation applications. Combining the core functionalities of Vacon 100 with additional functions to aid with flow control application processes.

The 100 Flow Series can connect straight to your control system. As these AC drives have built-in Ethernet, there is no need for additional options or gateways to communicate with process automation. These Vacon drives also help put a stop to irritating downtime (a particular problem for fan and pump systems) and need for replacement. Built to last without interruption, all Vacon components are given as a long a lifecycle as possible.

The company have worked hard designing a user-friendly, intuitive keypad for this Vacon inverter. Featuring an excellently-structured menu, with the ability to monitor 9 signals simultaneously, this systems allows for trouble-free operation.

In their production of AC Drives, Vacon is committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality drives and ac inverter drives worldwide. You will not be disappointed with the efficiency and lifespan of these AC Drives, offering electric motors optimum process control and efficiency.

For more information on the implementation of the new Vacon AC Drives feel free to contact us today via our online enquiry form.

Vacon AC Drives
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