Vacon AC Drives Available at Proplas International

18th September 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

Currently at Proplas we have a range of Vacon drives in stock, including the Vacon 100 multi-purpose AC drives which are available to view here, and the Vacon NXL Drives are also now in stock.

These Vacon AC drives come complete with graphic-based multilingual display and extended block programming to allow for easy drive customisation. The 100 Flow Series can connect straight to your control system, due to its built-in Ethernet capabilities. These Vacon drives also help avert problematic downtime and significantly delay the need for replacement. These AC drives feature both overheat management and Safe Torque Off (STO), ensuring that no torque-generating energy can continue to affect your motor and preventing unintentional start-ups. Vacon components are given as a long a lifecycle as possible and provide no interruptions to the running of yours system.

Benefits of the Vacon NXS AC Drive

Vacon NXS AC Drive, a compact drive in the power range of 0.37 — 560 kW with supply voltages of 208 — 690 V, ideal for heavy use in machines, buildings and various industry sectors.

The sturdy, efficient and robust design provides effective protection against disturbances in supply networks. Trip-free operation is also guaranteed due to advanced motor control principles and components.

With integrated high-level EMC filters and multi-monitoring system, not only is the Vacon NXS AC Drive suitable for all environments, it is possible to monitor up to three values simultaneously. These AC Drives feature most common fieldbus options and have options for up to five i/o boards to provide highly versatile control.

Our various Vacon drives are available to view online on our website. If you would like to enquire about installing a Vacon AC drive, please contact us using our online forms or contact our team today on 01282 872 450.

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