What Are Motor Soft Starters?

18th March 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

soft starterIf you are looking to implement a soft starter in your circuit, here at Proplas we install and commission soft starters for all applications. In our latest blog post, we run through the basics of these mechanical/electrical devices…

A motor soft starter is used in conjunction with AC electric motors in order to reduce the load and torque of the motor during start up. Reducing the stress on shafts, motors and power cables helps to greatly extend the life spans of the electrical or mechanical systems. Soft starters are comprised of either mechanical or electrical components, or can even be a combination of the two. Mechanical soft starters are inclusive of clutches and numerous forms of couplings through  use of fluid or magnetic force to transmit torque. Electrical soft starters on the other hand can reduce torque by temporarily reducing voltage or current input. An electrical soft starter is also able to momentarily alter the way in which the motor connects with the electric circuit.

A soft starter constantly controls the voltage supply of a three-phase motor during the start-up phase. In doing this, the motor is adjusted to the machine’s load behaviour  Through gently acceleration mechanical operating equipment, service life, operating behaviour and work flows are all positively impacted.

At Proplas we have a fantastic, comprehensive line of Allen Bradley soft starters, purpose built to minimise costs through the reduction of overall power requirements of your systems, as well as reducing the amount of wear and tear on your equipment. We are dedicated to implementing these versatile devices as part of your motor control system solutions, positively influencing down times and rates of productivity.

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