What You Need to Know About Motor Soft Starters

5th August 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Miskell

Motor soft starters are devices which can be used with AC electric motors to reduce the load and torque in the power train of motors during the start up phase.  This not only reduces the mechanical stress on the motor, it also lessens the electrodynamic stresses on the power cables, which works to extend the life of the system.


Motor soft starters consist of both mechanical and electrical devices, or can even use a combination of the two.  A mechanical soft starter include things such as clutches and other couplings using a fluid, magnetic or steel shot to transmit torque.  These types of soft starter are similar in style to other forms of torque limiter.  Across the line starting tends to be used in conjunction with mechanical soft starters.


Electrical soft starters work by reducing the voltage of the system, or through a device which temporarily changes how the motor is connected within the circuit.  An electrical soft starter uses solid state devices to control the voltage which goes through the motor by reducing the flow of the current.  A soft starter is able to control one or more phases of the voltage applied to the induction motor, although the most effective motor control being achieved by three phase control.


There are a range of applications for motor soft starters, and they are very adaptable to suit the requirements of each individual application.  In pump applications soft starts are used to avoid pressure surges and systems using belt drives are able to be started slowly to avoid the belt slipping.  Whatever the system requirements, incorporating a soft start reduces the inrush current which improves the stability of the power supply by reducing the voltage of the system.


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